How can you buy my house fast in Atlanta Georgia?

How Can you buy my house so fast?
How can you buy my house so fast?

We get this question all the time.  “What gives you the ability to close in less then 7 days and buy my house so fast?”  The answer is pretty simple but usually does mean that the buyer has to willing to work with us to help find a solution that works for both us, and them.  Detailed below are the 5 different ways that we can buy your house fast, for all cash, in the Atlanta metro real estate market.

Buying Your House for All Cash

When a house is bought for all cash, it simplifies the whole process by eliminating the need to finance the purchase through a bank.  Bank involvement causes the biggest delay in the buying and selling process of real estate.  Most Banks have a list of things that they need to be able to see to qualify the person buying the house as well as the house itself.  These requirements range from income verification, list of assets, list of monthly expenses, background checks, etc.  Many of these verifications can take weeks to complete since it requires a lot of manual intervention and processes that can delay the buying and selling of a house.  Speed is important and the more you add people to the process, the slower things tend to go.  The bank also needs to verify the house’s value is close to or more then the price that was negotiated.  This one requirement causes the bank to have to get a survey, an appraisal, and run detailed analysis of the area.  Those are all good things but when we buy houses from sellers with all cash, we already know the Atlanta area and the property!  We don’t have to do any more detailed analysis!

We can close in 7 days or less 

We are experienced investors and we have a dedicated team that has closed thousands of houses in the Atlanta metro market.  This allows us to be able to do all of the paperwork needed to close quickly.  Also going back to point number 1, since we are using all cash, we have much less paperwork and people to interact with which allows us to move more quickly to other buyers.

We Buy the House “As Is”

This is a huge time saver for most Sellers in the Atlanta market.  How long would it take you to clean out the house, fix it up, and list with a real estate agent?  Buy allowing us to buy your house, you don’t have to worry about anything.  We have bought thousands of houses in similar situations and have prevented the sellers from the headache of the selling process.  This again, speeds up everything and allows us to buy the house quickly and allow you to move on from the property with the cash from an offer that we both can agree on.

Realtors are not needed

By eliminating the need for two more people in the process, the buyers agent and the sellers agent, we reduce the complexity, the number of people involved, and the number of moving parts.  This allows us to move fast and to buy your house quickly.  Atlanta Realtors can be an important asset for you if you are selling to a retail buyer.  Someone who is expecting a perfect house that has been fixed up, cleaned up, and ready to be moved in. In our case, we are going to be doing all of that work so we don’t need to have realtors involved and slowing down the process.

We Work With You to Understand Your Situation 

Atlanta is a big city and we understand that not everyone has the same concerns.  We work with you and your situation, which allows us to understand your needs.  Our offers don’t have to be a one size fits all.  Maybe you can’t move out of the house in 7 days or less and you need more time.  Not problem!  We can schedule the closing to fit your timeline.


We can help with whatever is preventing you from being able to sell your house.  Don’t hesitate any longer.  The biggest mistake I see from sellers, is that they procrastinate and by the time they back to us, the value of the house is not where it was a few months ago.  Take action now and allow us to buy the house from you.  Remove the burden and move on with your life!